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Welcome to our website, dedicated to providing high-quality psychotherapeutic services to both the local and International community in Brasilia. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to offering comprehensive care, catering to both Portuguese and English speakers. Whether you prefer online or in-person sessions, we provide flexible options to meet your needs. With a focus on treating the individual as a whole, we go beyond apparent symptoms and strive for resolution. Our effective and efficient treatment approach aims to expedite lasting recovery, whether you’re facing crises or seeking ongoing therapy. Experience our commitment to your well-being as we support you on your journey towards healing.

How does moving to a different country affect our well-being?

Living abroad can definitely be a challenging experience. While most people who decide to move to a different country are resilient and able to adapt well, others might struggle with all the challenges such a change presents. Being far from one’s home country can take a toll on one’s psychological/ emotional well-being. We are here to help!

First there is the mourning of all that was left behind: people we care for, the house, city, food, and so on. A person might miss, during this stage, even things they did not pay much attention to while in their home country. Besides the mourning there is also all the uncertainties and difficulties of adapting to a new country, with its people, language, culture, habits, food, etc. Whether this decision to move was our own or not can also be decisive regarding how our adaptation process will occur. Sometimes a spouse or parent was transferred, and the rest of the family had no choice in the matter.

Adapting has to do with having a meaningful life in the new place, with a network of friends and family, a job, studies, or some sort of goal. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some people have better inner resources to cope with the adaptation process. Others might struggle more, and may need professional assistance to overcome this challenging period. What about the language barrier? How can one open up in a different language and in which they are most likely not fluent? Brasília can be a hard place to adapt to. This service was developed to aid people in need of psychological support due to this moment of adaptation, as well as other issues. Our mission is to provide first-rate psychological assistance and counseling in English and Portuguese.

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